Best Corner Electric Fireplaces 2020 Reviews

You can tuck your corner electric fireplace away into a corner of your home. This device is an excellent purchase if you want to combine an electric fireplace into a storage unit. You can also hold TVs on top by using a corner electric fireplace.

If you are finding a corner electric fireplace TV stand that is the right for the corner of your room, you can consult our reviews today. We will list here our top five best corner electric fireplaces out there. Also, we will outline things you should consider when choosing a corner electric fireplace.

Top Five Best Corner Electric Fireplaces Reviews

1. WE Furniture Wood Corner Electric Fireplace

Many people like a white corner electric fireplace and they choose this fireplace. It is made of white oak. Also, it has a unique design, so it can sit in the corner of the house with ambiance. There is a wide range of this product to choose from, such as rustic oak, traditional brown, and espresso. However, most of the customers choose the white oak.

This unit is ideal for a TV stand supporting up to a TV set of 250 pounds. It comes with large shelves. They allow you to hold your books and DVD set. In addition to the shelves, this model comes with a fireplace display screen.

It ensures to give you an elegant view. Moreover, you can assemble it with ease. However, it includes small shelves on the sides.

2. Touchstone 80004 – Sideline Electric Fireplace

This model offers ample electric heat. Also, you will get a real fireplace without the inconvenience of this fireplace. It comes in many different sizes. Therefore, it is easy to find the right ones for every living space. Moreover, the model ensures to offer you all the comfort.

It comes with a dual setting. Therefore, you can turn off the heating element. It also means you can enjoy the Touchstone Sideline year-round. The only drawback of this product is that it doesn’t come with batteries for remote control. Besides, it should have a nice intermediate third setting.

3. Ameriwood Home Bruxton Electric Fireplace

If you are looking for the most affordable corner electric fireplaces, you should consider choosing the Ameriwood Home Bruxton. It offers you a wood-look surround and mantle. There is a lot of positive reviews for the heat output of this fireplace.

This model is designed to work well. This fireplace doesn’t come with a thermostat. Therefore, you will need to settle for a simple ‘on and off’ operation. Despite this point, the Ameriwood is still an excellent choice for year-round ambiance and enjoyment.
4. Dimplex VF2927L Opti-V Solo Fireplace

If you like the aesthetics, you can consider this product. It is made to capture the beauty of traditional fireplaces. It also comes with stunning flame effects. Therefore, it has become a great option for any home.

It is a great combination of both modern and traditional-style homes. It doesn’t come with an integrated heater. You can use a log set embedded with LED lights to get an ultra-realistic glowing effect.

Another great thing about this model is that it uses very little power. It means the unit can help you save money in terms of power.

5. Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace

This fireplace is an excellent option for those who have an existing built-in fireplace which you don’t use. You can install this model with ease. It is suitable for most fireplace openings because of its small size.

It comes with three heat options, including Flame Only, Half Heat, and Full Heat. Therefore, the model allows you to control the amount of heat. It features a quiet fan operation. Besides, there is also a remote control.

Things to Look for in an Electric Fireplace

Ease of use

It is simple to use an electric fireplace. It doesn’t require you to gather any wood, as well as to find any matches. All you need to do to get instant warmth and ambiance is to flip a switch. However, some of them are simpler to use compared to others. Make sure you consider if the unit is easy to use before making your purchase.


Some products are designed to sit on the floor. However, some other models may be wall-mounted. You can even convert certain models from traditional wood-burning ones into electric ones. It is essential to consider the room you plan to put the device. Also, consider the place you will place it related to electrical outlets.


It is important to take your time to find a fireplace matching your taste as well as your surrounding décor. There are a few things you should consider before making your purchase, like the look of the frame.


An electric fireplace is a good selection to get warmth and appeal to any room. This device doesn’t need an establishment or vent. Also, you haven’t to worry about it creating mounds of debris or unpleasant odors. I hope our reviews above can help you choose the best ones more easily. And, you will find our tips are useful for you.