Utilizing the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ personality assessment tool for the in-depth information it brings to all aspects of human resource optimization and workforce development; the knowledge provided is key to fully understanding how people are similar and different and how to leverage that to maximize engagement and productivity and accomplish the objectives of your organization.

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™  is based on the Five-Factor Model, the gold standard for personality assessment, which originated in the psychological and academic communities. It is an empirical assessment, not based on theories like some commercially well-known assessments, and is derived from applying factor analysis (a statistical technique) to common language descriptors of personality. The Five Factors generalize across subjects, observers, variables, factor-analytic algorithms, languages, and cultures. 

Suitable for job selection, its coefficient alpha of .83 is among the highest of all and is in compliance with International Test Commission standards. It can be used to establish predictive validity across a variety of jobs. The questionnaire and reports are offered in many languages.

Results reveal an individual's five personality super-traits and twenty three sub-traits explaining their work styles and capacities. The online questionnaire can be taken in 15-20 minutes.

Benefits include improved:

  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Succession planning
  • And so much more...



The WorkPlace Big Five Profile is the preferred tool for use in hiring top talent. In addition to a candidate's education, experience and background, their profile results can be used to glean more in-depth information regarding range of role fit, greatly increasing the probability of a successful hire.


On-boarding refers to the way through which new employees acquire any necessary knowledge and skills to become effective in their new position. In addition, it is the process of intergrating a new emplyee into the social and performance aspects of the job and the culture. The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is invaluable in understanding how best to navigate this and provide a smooth transition for all involved. 

Professional Development

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™  is such a powerful tool for exploring otherwise undiscovered work style information. After gaining deeper awareness and understanding, an Action Plan is created including strategies to employ for improved productivity and quality of work life.

Team Building

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Teamer Report is used to communicate the strengths, gaps and dynamics of your team providing the understanding from which to cohesively optimize team performance.


Additional Focus Reports -

Capacitor - Estimates your natural capacity for certain competencies.
Leader - Helps analyze leadership styles and leadership aptitude.
Teamer - Analyzes trait scores of a designated team to help better understand group dynamics, challenges and strengths.


The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™
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